Energy – Boiler, Heat Exchanger, POWER-GEN Tubing

Metal-Matic, LLC has produced top-quality boiler and heat exchanger tubing for many years in our full size range, in lengths up to 52 feet in specifications ASTM A-178 A and C, ASTM A-214 and ASTM A-334 grades 1 and 6. Our boiler and heat exchanger tubing can be used for fire and water tubing for heating plants, and petrochemical and waste heat applications. Production facilities are in Minnesota, Illinois and Ohio. This includes all standard, pipe and customer-specific sizes. The highest level of quality is guaranteed by our refined processes and procedures plus our technical expertise. Every tube shipped from one of our facilities meets and exceeds customer expectations and performs in the toughest environments. You can rely on our sales force and our three-state factory network to tailor your orders to meet all requirements. We supply welded tubes for heat exchangers in POWER-GEN and chemical process applications, high and low pressure.

Our welded tube technology guarantees the best dimensional characteristics in your tubes: constant thickness even in thin wall tubes; diameter and weld thickness; and all metallurgical characteristics are always under control.

Our dimensional precision, both within an order and from order to order is second to none – we are the standard in the industry. We constantly improve our production methods, using state-of-the-art equipment and stringent maintenance procedures to ensure the quality of every tube produced, sharing the same practices in all three plants. With more than 50 years of continuous improvement in the welding and testing process, we provide the highest level of quality available globally for:

  • Air Heaters
  • Fire Tube
  • Heating Plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Waste Heat
  • Water Tube